Project Description

Our Strategy

We seek to provide the most accurate management consultancy to achieve the highest level for your business by setting comprehensive development plans to achieve the required level in a short time

Studying Investment Opportunities and Alternatives

The investor may have more than one project he wants to invest in and does not know which of these projects the target economy needs to market in, or which of these projects are more profitable than the other, as well as identifying any investment areas that are suitable for his investment capabilities and able to satisfy his investment desires

Administrative Feasibility Study

The clients’ investment projects are studied from the shopping, technical, financial and administrative aspects, and the most important critical success factors in the various projects are determined to determine the economic feasibility of the project and to determine its feasibility in light of the return on the alternative opportunity for other projects and to recommend the establishment of the project or not in light of the results of the various studies of the project.

Market Study

We are preparing some studies and researches that are related to a specific product, a specific market, or a specific class of consumers, as well as conducting studies and research on the extent of the possibility of offering a product in the proposed markets and measuring the extent to which these markets accept / reject the proposed products

Strategic Business Plans

Strategy is simply a high-level direction or plan, usually the focus is in two parts, organization strategy and business strategy, organization strategy focuses on what to do, or what business to invest in based on the organization’s mission and vision, while business strategy focuses on how Achieving the organization’s strategy. We offer you an integrated strategy consulting service including strategy formulation and evaluation and based on the assessment of the current situation we will review the current strategy and the available strategic options.


Governance is one of the most important issues in the governmental, private and non-profit sectors. Corporate governance is a framework that defines the rights and responsibilities among the various stakeholders in an organization. Through this service, we aim to enhance management performance, enhance internal control, and define the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders.
We provide you with the necessary expertise to support you in managing the business of the organization including defining the governance model, disseminating methodologies and standards, as well as managing successful organizational change that adds value to your organization

Development and Restructuring

Change management has become an essential service due to how rapidly technology advances and companies need to constantly change and adapt. Without the right approach, major changes such as restructuring, going public, or changing operations can lead to a massive backlash. Driven by our belief that it is people who change, not organizations, we have developed a new employee-centric approach that focuses on the cause and potential impact of the change to be implemented. Through the Change Management service, we provide you with the advice you need to plan for change, lead the change process and implement it comprehensively, and develop a future vision that motivates your employees to embrace this change.

Quality and Performance Improvement

Organizations can face problems that hinder performance for multiple reasons, and implementing a solution without knowing the root cause of the problem may be risky, and here comes the role of performance improvement as a systematic process to identify the root causes of the problem in performance and follow up on the implementation of appropriate solutions to solve this problem. Our team of experts provides a strategy to be implemented at the team, departmental and organizational level to increase profitability and achieve competitive advantage by improving operational performance in terms of costs, quality and delivery, in order to achieve and maintain strategic objectives in the long term.

Strategic Communication and The Bridge of Trust between The Institution and The Public

The complexity of the media, business and political environment at present is an important factor in intensifying the competition to attract the attention of the ever-dispersed audience, and here comes the role of strategic communications to create a two-way communication between the organization and its audience and stakeholders. Our new service complements your organization’s public relations department. Our team of professionals has extensive hands-on experience applying their knowledge to create a critical impact, increase your visibility and sales, grow new relationships, and protect your organization’s reputation in times of change and uncertainty.

Study and Analysis of Competitors

One of the most important products that our company is characterized by is the study of the most important competitors in the economic and service sectors in which our valued customers deal, where the most important comparative advantages that each competitor enjoys, as well as the most important defects that he suffers from, so that our customers can be present in the market on the basis of the availability of marketing information on the rest Competitors in a way that enables them to compete scientifically and realistically

Preparation and Development of Marketing and Sales Management Systems

Marketing consultancy is gaining its importance in that it represents the main focus of the project. From the market study, we deduce the demand, and from the demand, we determine the production capacity of the project, on the basis of which we choose the technology, means of production, and the size of the project…. Then we determine the production and sales plan and the project’s financial, economic and social return.
Successful and accurate marketing consultancy can determine the extent to which any product or service is able to penetrate the market or open new markets and win a segment of demand in light of the strong competition from local products and imported goods.

Economic Consulting and Financial Systems

Designing integrated accounting systems, book and documentary group.

Setting financial regulations and executive policies for companies.

Design of planning and financial control systems.

Designing internal audit and control systems.

Financial and accounting analysis of the financial statements.

Financial and accounting analysis.

Designing cost accounting systems.

Calculation of costs and pricing.

Economic feasibility study.

Drafting and registering company contracts (establishing companies).

Registration of companies in the Industrial and Commercial Register, the Companies

Authority, the General Authority for Investment and the Capital Market.

Financial evaluation of companies.

Integrated accounting systems using cloud computing systems.

Preparing budgets and managing cash flows.

Measuring investment opportunities and studies providing alternative financing.

Program and Project Management

Program and project management consulting services help assess the current situation, develop appropriate methodologies for the organization using global best practices in program and project management, improve current practices, effective operation of the program and project management office, and identify and develop program and project management tools most suitable for the organization.

Assignment and Operation

If your organization requires the availability of specialists in several fields, we can provide you with the most professional services in this field. Where your organization will be enriched to reach the highest levels of success by obtaining the benefits of our expertise in the required field. Our team of professionals and experts has the relentless desire and constant readiness to ensure the successful management and implementation of the tasks assigned to them to maintain the progress of your organization and ensure the achievement of the desired goals.

Preparing and Developing Human Resource Management Systems

Human Resource Management is the primary factor in any organization, the more healthy the organization you have. Any organization must have a well-developed functional and organizational structure with a clear and comprehensive job description including a competency framework and training plans. All these policies must be governed by a single policy that must be followed. We provide all these services following best practices from our partners to take your HR management to the next level and have a healthy organization.

Training and Qualification

The company has a long experience in training work teams on the latest scientific principles followed globally, both in the areas of preparing and selecting human cadres, as well as training members of the marketing departments, sales, financial departments, planning and follow-up so that it can activate its main role within the organization